Meet The Team
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This is Nick, co-founder and our Managing Director. Following a successful career in banking, Nick moved to the UK from South Africa in 2010 to pioneer biological cleaning in the UK market and is seen as one of the drivers of this technology. The next decade is one that he sees as pivotal for driving biological to become the primary cleaning active in an increasingly environmentally conscious market. 
Out of the office Nick is all about family, food, fitness and can be found most mornings doing HIIT classes in the gym. Having driven only electric cars for 7 years, mostly powered by solar energy and using organic principles in his garden and allotment, Nick likes ensures he's carbon neutral in and outside of work. 


Nick Winstone

This is Alison, co-founder and our Sales Director. Alison has 20 years within the hygiene sector and great depth of knowledge as a result. Alison has a deep passion for saving the environment and curating a safe planet for the next generation of people. Alison works best when she has had 22 cups of tea a day, a cheeky morning workout with the PT and using an AA map regardless of the built in sat-nav in her car.

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Nicki is our Favourite Marketing person! She has been on a crazy journey with Nick & Alison for two years, which has lead her to be apart of this next chapter of creating a greener future. Juggling multiple jobs in the office and being bossy is part of her day to day.

This is Kierran - commonly known as KiKi - our Sales Coordinator. KiKi has recently returned from traveling in his self built campervan. With a broader view on life, he sees the significance of sustainable cleaning for our country's future.
KiKi's Fit, Fun & Friendly, In he's down time he enjoys doing accapella.

Alison Minter
Nicki Flack
Kierran Bates
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This is Russell our Chief Engineer. Russ is responsible for the installation of dispensing equipment and with 30 years experience in dish and laundry engineering, he is widely considered to be an industry expert. Equipped with his tools and the personality the size of an elephant, he will leave you with a smile on your face and gold standard service.

Russel Ford

This is Rich, our Business Development Manager. Rich has great knowledge of merging biological products with customers needs and requirements providing a long term solution. Rich has a keen eye for innovative ideas and is always on the look out for ways to improve the way we clean. He has exception 4G service if you ever get stuck... or so he always says.

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Rich Johnston

Here we have Jay Woodrow, our other cheeky chappy engineer. Jay has been doing engineering for 6 years and is always thorough when on the job. In his spare time he loves to go running or walking the dog.

Jay Woodrow