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Recycling Cardboard
Brown Paper

Right amount of Recycled card

Post Consumer Recylced (PCR) Plastic

European sourced cardboard 

Reduced Carbon Emmissions

Trigger Heads

Card can only be recycled 6 times. This makes the 66% recycled content a sustainable supply chain, unlike 100% which is a non-sustainable product.

In order for plastic to be recycled, it must be mixed with virgin plastic. A lower content of PCR, allows material to be recycled again, which is the reason we use 30% PCR plastic in our bottles.

European sourced suppliers ensure they plant 6 trees for each one felled.

Responsible sourcing of cardboard packaging reduces our C02 emmissions by 25%.

33% PCR Plastic with no metal parts, fully recyclable. Will reduce 5T-9T of virgin plastic from supply chain and reduce carbon emmissions by 13%  

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