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Why use mircro fibre cloths?

why not use blue role?

which is better microfibre or blue role?

how is mircofibre effecte?

is microfibre effective for pathogens?

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Reduced Carbon Footprint

When you set up a business with a green agenda and place sustainability as a priority over profit, it puts you in an ideal position to put the environment first, "he continues.

"I think it's vitally important that you look closely at your environmental footprint when cleaning. As an example, if I was cleaning a table in a bar or restaurant, I would want to use a biologically based product that I know would break down from an environmental perspective and would leave a commitment to reducing your environmental and carbon footprint where at all possible.

"Typically you would expect one of our spray bottles to contain a teaspoonful of bacteria compared to two tablespoons of chemical in most other cleaning products in the same sized bottle. We also attach great importance to our sustainable range by providing some products in five litre containers that offer the benefits of lasting up to ten times longer than smaller more commonly used containers. again this is enormously advantages from a carbon footprint point of vire by slashing the waste stream generated and the impact of the product inside. it's very cost effective to use biological products per cleaner. what could be better than saving money while being more sustainable," says Mr Winstone

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