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Why Biovate for Housekeeping? 

There are a number of benefits specifically for housekeeping with our products: 

Health Benefits

for housekeepers

It was largely quoted in the news in 2018 that research showed that the use of cleaning chemicals containing VOC's, in confined quarters such as hotels and other closed accommodation could have the same effect on the users health as smoking 20 cigarettes a day.  By using biological products, the risk is greatly reduced. We often have comments from housekeepers that they see an improvement in respiratory health and negative impact on their skin, when using our products. 

Performance benefits

Biological products excel at removing dirt from porous surfaces such as tile grouting and soft furnishings, such as carpets and furniture. This results in a superior clean and also removing any source of odours, which can build up over time, particularly in older buildings or rooms with poor air circulation. 

Versatile products 

As bio products are not restrained by needing an acidic or alkaline action, they can be used for many tasks. Our multi purpose cleaner does a great job at cleaning floors, as well as metals, glass and mirrors. 

Have you seen our Training Academy? This will provide you with full COSHH and product training and if you successfully pass the course, you will be issued with a certificate of competency in both the use of our products and COSHH. 

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