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Biovate's biotechnology range are the next generation of cleaning products. Using a combination of probiotic, enzyme and plant based ingredients, we have harnessed the power of nature for maximum cleaning performance with minimum impact on the planet.

Brown Paper

Highly concentrated

EU 2004/648 Compliant


No Phosphoric

No Nonyl-Phenyl Ethoxylates

EU 1272/2008 Compliant

Developed biological based cleaning products using probiotic bacteria that work at high dilution (150:1) hugely reducing waste.

All surfactants and raw materials used in our formulated products comply are fully biodegradable and comply with EU 2004/648 (active 08/10/2005).

Replacing Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate with greener alternatives. Levels of Volatile Organic Compounds present in our formulated products meet the requirements of the EU “Ecolabel” standard (EU2017/1217). 

Eliminated phosphoric acid  use by replacing it with citric acid and lactic acid for use in descaling toilets.

No Nonyl-Phenyl-Ethoxylates (substances of high concern as defined by EU 2006/1907), or chemicals derived from protected or environmentally sensitive botanical species, or animal derived ingredients, are used in our formulated products.

All CLP and packaging classifications are fully compliant with EU 1272/2008 (Current version March 2021V4.2)


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