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About Us

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The Biovate Hygienics team has been at the forefront of advancing biotechnology based cleaning solutions in the UK. Our dedication lies in promoting sustainable cleaning practices and fostering a shift towards green cleaning methodologies across all environments where cleaning products are employed.

Our mission is to instigate lasting, sustainable change within markets reliant on cleaning products. Our goal isn't to become the largest biological manufacturer but rather the most innovative and the premier supported service offering — BioVate Hygienics.

To revolutionise the way Britain approaches cleaning, we commit to:



  • Biological concentrates, reducing our carbon neutral footprint.

  • Production proudly based in the UK, with minimal carbon footprint, which is then offset against a local tree planting program

  • Striving towards being the first UK manufacturer of cleaning products certified by Ecocert in 2024

  • Having our carbon footprint (Stage 1 & 2) accounted for and certified by Neutral Carbon Zone, we are working towards scope 3 emissions being calculated through our supply chain.

  • A quality Bio Hygiene for the cleaning industry.



  • Reduce exposure of users to chemicals that are harmful to health.

  • Reduce the risk of products classified as irritant or corrosive.

  • Training in the safe use of our products through our online training academy



  • Optimal prices and savings achieved with highly concentrated products.



  • Better performance, particularly on greasy floors in kitchens.


Constant innovation motivates us to lead the charge in both our product development and the broader industry, driving towards a future of entirely sustainable cleaning practices. Our products are crafted from the ground up, with a keen interest of the needs of end-users — be they cleaners, chefs, or housekeepers. This ensures that our products not only benefit the planet but also enhance the experience of those who use them.

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Through the integration of the latest biological actives, surfactants, fragrances, and sustainable packaging, we have successfully ushered in the next generation of biological cleaning products.

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