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We have been on the sustainability journey in the UK for the past 12 years, helping thousands of UK premises to become more environmentally responsible in their cleaning practices, using highly concentrated biological products, using the power of nature's biological cleaning actives. ​​

We continue to lead the journey towards carbon neutral, sustainable cleaning by evolving both the liquid products and the way they are packaged by launching the industries next generation of biological cleaning products.​​ The next few pages go into more detail about our products and packaging. 

As a business, we use Neutral Carbon Zone to certify our carbon neutral compliance, on our journey towards total carbon neutrality. In 2022 we have committed to our business being carbon neutral by offsetting our emmissions, according to Carbon Neutral Zone's silver standard, which will certify us as a carbon neutral business. 

In 2023 to reach the Carbon Neutral Zone gold standard, we will calculate our carbon footprint on a per product basis and offset the carbon footprint of our products. 

Our head office in the Northamptonshire countryside is in a A rated energy efficient building and the electricity used is sustainable. Our sales and engineering fleet is electric ensuring 0 carbon generated. 

As a business, we run a completely paperless operation and ensure all the documents generated for customers including purchase orders, invoices, site surveys, site visit reports, training courses and training certificates.   

All our products are proudly produced in the UK. 

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