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It is useful to display environmental aware­ness, agrees Nick Winstone, managing direc­tor at Biovate Hygienics: "Biotechnology is powering a new generation of eco-friendly products. Microbes, enzymes and naturally­derived plant extracts can get deep into porous surfaces to quickly break down and feed on grime, dirt and grease. 
"This type of product is especially effec­tive at cleaning wood, tiles and grouting and that scourge of weekend revellers, the sticky pub table. Unlike traditional chemical prod­ucts, biotech-based formulas are made from ustainable, renewable ingredients that slash carbon emissions, are kinder to users, and don't harm aquatic eco-systems. 
"Some of the most challenging odours in a catering operation can be combatted with biotechnology - odours from grease traps, pipes, drains, urinals and refuse areas can all be eliminated with bacteria-based products."

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