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Biovate’s sustainable cleaning products knock their rivals out of the park!

Verdant Leisure is a bespoke holiday park operator with award-winning parks across Scotland, Northern England and North Devon. It offers self-catering holidays as well as caravans and lodges for sale. It is committed to promoting sustainable tourism and protecting and enhancing the natural environment. Verdant Leisure also encourages its staff, customers and holiday home owners to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.


It provides recycling facilities on all its parks and in its head office space.

Pioneering liquid cleaning products manufacturer BioVate Hygienics launched last year with a bold pledge to establish itself as the country’s ‘go to’ brand for sustainable and carbon neutral cleaning products.

The ground-breaking company was co-founded by experienced environmental entrepreneur Nick Winstone with a vision to adopt cutting edge innovation to deliver the next generation of biological cleaning products, with the lowest environmental impact packaging.

BioVate’s mission is to change the way Britain cleans by:

  • Ensuring the core products use 100 per cent natural biological and plant-based liquids

  • Utilising ground breaking packaging that is reusable and renewable

  • Working towards completely carbon neutral products

  • Being proudly 100 percent made in the UK

  • Using technology to provide a cutting-edge user experience

  • Innovating at all times to drive both its products and the broader industry forward in a journey towards total sustainable cleaning.

Verdant Leisure’s Group Accommodation Manager Lynn McGuckin was tasked with sourcing a better cleaning chemical supplier – one that was a superior fit for its own sustainable values and also a company with an excellent focus on delivering customer satisfaction. There was also a desire to match with a company whose products were more competitively priced than Verdant Leisure’s current, very well-known supplier. Lynn connected with Biovate Hygienics through leading foodservice wholesaler  and care sector supplier, Bidfood. Last year Biovate launched its catering ranges in an exclusive partnership with Bidfood.

Initially Lynn was circumspect but soon a strong working relationship had been forged with Biovate, as she explains. “At first when I heard ‘Eco products’  I rolled my eyes and thought they will be expensive, they won’t work, they won’t have a smell, they will be colourless and the cleaners won’t have faith in the products. But then I decided let’s have a demo and see what happens!

“Biovate’s National Account Manager Jenny Barrett came down to one of our parks to let us try the products. I gave them to some of our worst critics when it comes to cleaning and tried them myself. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It allayed all of my previous thoughts in one swoop”.

The BioVate and EcoVate products that Biovate Hygienics supply to Verdant Leisure offer a comprehensive selection of biologically-based cleaning products designed to meet the needs of any business. Their biotechnology concentrates use advanced biological active ingredients, surfactants, fragrances and packaging to create a new generation of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

“Biovate have taken on board the thoughts of their clients and made the products  fit for purpose,” adds Lynn. “I took them to all of our parks to see what the accommodation teams had to say about them and the feedback was very agreeable. I was told they smell nice; they leave surfaces shiny and they continue to work even when you are asleep. How good is that!

Biovate Hygienics has struck up a great rapport with Verdant Leisure based on trust, delivering good results and outstanding customer support. There is natural synergy between the two companies in terms of their sustainable values and commitment to protecting the natural environment.

Lynn takes up the story again: “Once we had decided that this is a company we should go with,  it has been a labour of love. Any queries I have had have been answered swiftly and as with any new instalments of dispensers  there are bound to be teething problems but they have been very few and far between. All of our parks have been installed thanks to Biovate’s Technical Sales Manager Sammy Riggins, who has also been very professional and very knowledgeable.

“Being a British based company using recycled products is very favourable as we are trying to be as green as we can. It also makes the pricing very competitive especially for Eco products. I could go on forever about what a great company Biovate are with their friendliness and professionalism and great cleaning products to boot that really do what it says on the bottle! There has also been quite a lot of enthusiasm from other members of the management team about switching over to eco-friendly products”.

Lynn has also developed blossoming friendships with the Biovate team. In October Lynn embarked on a pilgrimage trail in Japan which is very close to her heart. She scattered the ashes of her late husband (Lynn – please insert Christian name), who sadly passed away from cancer, on the trail. Big-hearted staff at Biovate sponsored Lynn and have made her a special T-Shirt to wear for the occasion.

Nick Winstone, Co-Founder and MD of Biovate Hygienics, enthuses: “We are delighted that Verdant Leisure are using our sustainable cleaning products, through Bidfood. Our strong working relationship has also been strengthened by our shared commitment to protecting and enhancing the natural environment”.

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