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What is an EcoShot manual dosing system?

An efficient solution for precise chemical dispensing in your cleaning operations. Designed for environments without access to a mains water connection, this standalone system effortlessly delivers detergent shots ranging from 5ml to 30ml with a simple push-button mechanism.

Versatility meets ease of use with EcoShot, making it an ideal choice for dispensing various cleaning agents, including washing-up detergents, floor cleaners, and surface disinfectants. 

For enhanced safety measures, consider the built-in delay function, which prevents overdosing post-chemical dispensing. With EcoShot, efficiency, precision, and reliability converge to streamline your cleaning processes.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Dosing: Achieve accurate dosing, adjustable from 5ml to 30ml, minimising waste and maximising cost savings.

  2. Safety Assurance: Ensures safe operation with a push button, and offers optional features like twist activation and a delay mechanism to prevent chemical overdosing.

  3. Versatile Configurations: Available in three versions tailored for bottles or buckets, providing adaptability for various cleaning needs.

  4. Easy Installation: Effortless setup in diverse locations, requiring no mains water connection.

  5. Compact and Lightweight: Designed with compact dimensions and a lightweight build for convenient handling, storage, and transport.

  6. Adjustable Height: Accommodates various spray bottle sizes, offering flexibility for users.

  7. Customisation: Tailor the system with our company branding.

  8. Secure Cabinets: Secure cabinet options are available to prevent unauthorised access or tampering, ensuring the system's integrity.


Accurate and Secure Chemical Dispensing

Designed for user convenience, the EcoShot manual dosing system makes chemical dispensing a breeze, providing a safe and precise dosing experience for accurate measurements on every occasion. Whether you're dosing chemicals into bottles or buckets, this adaptable system guarantees reliable and exact results consistently.

Precision in Sanitisation

Elevate safety standards with EcoShot's exact and potent germ reduction capabilities on surfaces. By harnessing the power of effective BioVate products, the ecoshot system would be a benefit in your premises.


For additional information regarding BioVate EcoShots, whether you are seeking if this system is right for you or encountering any issues with a previously installed unit, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated engineering team. Feel free to contact them at Our team is ready to provide assistance and ensure your experience with EcoShot is seamless and efficient.


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