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BioVate Hygienics has developed a range of highly concentrated, innovative cleaning formulations that can be used with our innovative bottle and dosing chamber. Our formulas have very high dilution rates, with up to 100 doses per 1L bottle, making them a cost-effective choice for customers.

Our bottle design is simple, accurate, and effective, allowing users to easily dispense the correct dosage with a simple turn of the bottle. The no-spill and child lock/tamper evident safety features make our product safe and easy to use. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our super concentrated cleaning formulations and advanced dosing system.

  • Super concentrated 

  • Very low cost in use

  • Quick and easy to use

  • No squeezing required

  • No spill / dribble design

  • Tamper evident top

1 Bottle makes.....

  • Up to 100 Trigger Sprays (Insert Trigger Image)

  • Up to 100 2.5L Buckets (Insert Bucket Image) 

  • Up to 100 Sinks (Insert Sink Image)

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