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How to ensure my kitchens are clean?

is my office really clean?

proving my office is clean

how to prove my kitchen is clean?

proving my hotel is clean

Product Trials

The performance of our products speak for themselves and we offer a range of trial options from product samples to test for single site operations to managed and documented trials for efficacy validation for groups, national accounts and large sites, contact us for more info.

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Trial Methodology

Over the course of  a few weeks we show the products in use, their performance, and gain feedback from the team.

Trial Objectives

To validate that our products to maintain improve the general cleanliness and any specific surfaces highlighted. 

To validate how using super concentrates and tamper proof dispensing systems, product usage and carbon footprint, as well as overall spend on cleaning products can be reduced. 


A reduction in slip risk measured using our Slip meter. This is explained as our biotech actives are able to penetrate the floor to a deeper level and have a residual cleaning effect, meaning the product is working deeper for longer, reducing the slip risk on floor surfaces

Improved Cleaning Standards on surfaces and within the dishwasher (measured with an ATP Meter)

Provide relevant signage to accompany products.

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What you can expect to see:

Before floor.jpg


before stainless steel.jpg


After Floor.jpg


After stainless steel.jpg


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